My Special Baby

My special baby is before the throne of God

 My special baby serves God day and night in His temple;

 And He who sits on the throne will shelter my baby with His presence.

 Never again will Ezra hunger

 Never again will Ezra thirst.

 The sun will not beat upon him nor any scorching heat.

 For the Lamb at the center of the throne is my baby's shepherd;

 And God will lead him to springs of living water.

 And God will wipe every tear from all of our eyes.

Revelation 7:15-17 paraphrased
Thank you Lord for the beautiful gift of your word


  1. I was just thinking as I read that passage - Evie and Ezra never had any tears to be wiped! What an amazing thing. Of course we weep bucketfuls for missing them but there is a special comfort in knowing our babies will never experience pain or sorrow.

    1. Yes! I read that passage often in the midst of grief. I love saying thier names together, Ezra and Evie. I know they are perfectly loved there, but it comforts me to think he has a friend there his age. Thier names even sound cute together. :)


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